Pizza and Pasta on the Sunshine Coast, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

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BBQ Ribs

Tender pork back ribs, slow roasted, allow extra time

Full Rack
Half Rack

Pizza Subs

Baked open face in the oven, with pizza sauce and cheese. Choose any 3 toppings from the pizza menu. Another local favourite!

6 inch

the Bomber

Sub bun baked open face, with pepperoni, salami, beef, bacon, cheese, and the meat sauce we use for pastas!

6 inch

Garlic Toast

Cut nice and thick, toasted in the oven with our own amazing garlic butter

two pieces $5.95 two pieces Garlic Cheese Toast $10.95


We don't have a deep fryer, so these wings are baked in the oven. Tossed with BBQ sauce, Teriyaki, or dry roasted with a bit of salt and pepper

$18.95 / pound

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