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Take and Bake Pizza oven cooking instructions:

1) Preheat your oven to 425 ~ 450 degrees Farenheit

2) Place the pizza (and metal tray) on the middle rack and close the door.

3) After about 25 - 30 minutes, check the bottom. Some people like to remove the pizza from the pan at this point and continue baking it right on the rack for a more crispier crust. If the pizza is kind of floppy and won't come out easily, you'll need to bake it a little longer. They're sort of like pancakes this way. Remember, times may vary, as all ovens are different :)

4) When the cheese is melted and turning brown in spots (chefs call this caramelizing), your pizza should be done. Just check the bottom if it's darkened enough for your taste.

5) It’s time to pull it out and slice it up!

** Trouble Shooting **

* If your pizza is darkening on the top, but is not cooking on the bottom, check your oven settings to ensure it's not on "broil"

* Something important to consider is that most ovens will over-shoot the desired temperature and then drop below it, in order to eventually maintain an average temperature, close to where you set it.

* Self-cleaning ovens are notoriously bad for this and may even go up to 100 degrees over at first; best to wait a few cycles for it to dial in, perhaps up to 20 minutes before putting your pizza in for best results.

Happy cooking!

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