Pizza and Pasta on the Sunshine Coast, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Take and Bake BBQ instructions:

* Too hot out to turn on the oven? Power’s gone out again at mealtime? No problem – cook your Pepper Creek Deli-Fresh pizzas on the Barbeque!

Your bbq features the same cooking technology as our pizza ovens: a flame or hot coal heat source and a solid metal box to hold that heat. We even have large ceramic bricks to form what we call a thick heat, so that thicker pizzas will still be cooked in the center and the overall temperature won’t fluctuate as much when we open the oven doors.

- to do this on your barbeque is easy:

1) Turn on your bbq all the way for at least 20 minutes, to get its metal box really hot. If you have lots of lava rocks, ceramic bricks, or a pizza stone, this works even better.

2) Turn down the heat to low, slide the pizza (with its metal tray) onto the main grilling deck, and close the lid.

3) After about 10 minutes or so, turn the pizza 180* and lift the edge of the pizza a little so you can have a look under it. It should be turning light brown by now. If it’s not, don’t worry, you just have to cook it a little longer. If it’s black or close to it, you’ll have to reduce the heat more. Then close the lid again.

4) After about five minutes or so, open the lid and look at the pizza. If the top is turning that golden brown colour in spots and the bottom is how you like your toast, it is done! If you are experiencing something different than this, see the troubleshooting guide below.

5) Get some oven mitts or a board to carry the pizza to a counter top so you can lift it out of its tray and chop it up! For best results, let the pizza sit on a cooling rack for a few minutes so the cheese can “set” before cutting.

Here are some troubleshooting hints:

* The top is ready but the bottom isn’t dark enough. The pizza also bends very easily or is kinda floppy.

~ the pizza isn’t cooked enough. Leave the pizza on the grill and prop the lid open a little bit for as long as it takes to cook the bottom. Leave the heat on low so you don’t burn it before the insides are done.

* The bottom of the pizza is getting dark, while the top isn’t cooked yet.

~ the flames are too high; turn the bbq down to a lower setting. At this point, maybe move the pizza to a higher position inside the bbq if there is one. Keep the lid closed.

* The suggested time of 15 - 20 minutes or so is up but the pizza isn’t finished yet.

~ Somehow, heat is escaping from your bbq. No problem, you can turn up the heat a little and leave it in there a little longer – remember to check top and bottom every few minutes.

** Remember, every barbeque is different and you will have to experiment with a few variations to get it the way you want it – practice makes perfect!

** Also, the Gluten-Free Take and Bake Deli Fresh Pizzas will perform differently, having no gluten in the dough. These will certainly require some experimentation. If you have any inspirational ideas, please email them to us!

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